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About Us


Welcome to the Danish beauty brand Raunsborg


Raunsborg is a Danish beauty brand with skin care products, perfumes and supplements inspired by Nordic nature. Holm & Bertung PR are proud to welcome Raunsborg in the Show room.


Nordic nature is the foundation of Raunsborg. The inspiration for all products is found in the ancient Danish book Flora Danica (p.a. 1648), with depictions of Nordic herbs, plants and flowers and description of nature’s healing effect. Nature is full of miracles, and Raunsborg has poured them on bottles, tubes and jars. The vision is that the wonders of Nordic nature must be part of everyone’s skin care routine.


Since 2011, Raunsborg has combined the best of nature with science. The products are produced locally – from idea to finished product – at Raunsborg’s head office in Assens on Funen. Here they share the address and facilities with Plum A/S, an old Danish company known for their skin care products and first-aid products to hospitals and industry. The quality at the in-house laboratory and factory is first class – and everything is ‘Made in Denmark.’


Raunsborg has a holistic approach to beauty. This means that Raunsborg works with skin care both from the outside and from the inside. That is why you can find both beauty products and supplements in the Raunsborg repertoire. Raunsborg’s supplements come in small, crackable capsules. It gives you the freedom to choose whether to swallow them whole or pour the contents on your oatmeal in the morning or into your smoothie. The supplements supply the skin, hair and nails with the needed nutrients.


Raunsborg has a variety of different beauty series: NORDIC, a skincare range with mild scents and fragrances; MAN, skincare products and fragrances for men; SENSITIVE, a perfume-free skincare range also suitable for children; ANTI-AGE, a range of products with anti-aging ingredients; SUN LOTION, a series of Sun and After Sun products.


You can find the Raunsborg series in the Danish leading chains, including Matas, Salling and Magasin, in Norwegian leading chains, Airports etc. Prices range from DKK 79,- to DKK 399,-.