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“Through generations, women have gathered knowledge about active qualities from plants, herbs
and flowers. 
Qualities they have used when wounds had to be healed, and pains had to be eased.
This knowledge was passed on from mother to daughter and has since been passed on to scientists.
Over time many of the old household remedies fell into oblivion. But they still fascinate us.”



Raunsborg® is skin care products for you who prefer to use active and mild skin care products that do not compromise on
quality while making the daily skin care easy and manageable. Nature itself can create small miracles, but  nature does not do it alone. In
close contact with Plum’s labors, Jim has put his fingers down in technology and puts his fingerprints on both scents and skin care products. Together, in Plum’s modern laboratory they have developed a unique beauty series that is created for the delicate Nordic complexion.



Raunsborg® has three beauty lines for both women and men, that make your skin care healthy, yet effective with mild fragrances.

NORDIC – skin care and fragrances for women.

MAN – skin care and a fragrance.

SENSITIVE – perfume free skin care – also suitable for children.